Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lack of Blogging + Re-commitment

So I graduated last week! And through all the craziness and life being hard I began to miss my blog. And I also realized that I never really got a good start with the said blog. So I am going to try again. It is the start of a new summer. This is a time of major adjustment in my life as I get ready to go off to college. I am going to Brigham Young University Idaho in September. I am sooooo excited. 

Last week I was making peanut butter chocolate bars (recipe to follow, I promise!) getting ready for a graduation party and I had this realization that I belong in the kitchen. I am the happiest when I have my cupcake apron on (another story for another time) and I am dancing to upbeat music creating something delicious. I have also discovered that I enjoy cooking/baking more when I can share what I make! I love making people happy through food. That is really the reason why I am going to open up a gluten free bakery.

Anyways back to the food. Because it is now summer I have begun making yummy things again. It started with the previously mentioned peanut butter chocolate bars. Then I made homemade snickers bars with my wonderful best friend Megy from She came to visit our little town for a couple of weeks after moving to Hawaii several months ago. I missed her soooooooo much! I am so glad that I have been able to see her again. I really love the snickers bars but I am going to work on the caramel layer because like my mother told me it is really hard and chewy.

I also remembered a recipe my mom found awhile ago. They are pizza muffin things. I know that isn't a glorious and descriptive title like they deserve. However. I made them today and they are delicious!!!! I am planning on creating other recipes from this one and I am definitely going to make them while at college. They are so easy and good. I was full after eating one and some carrots but they were so good that I ate a second one. I think the grand total that I have consumed today was five. It made twelve. I think I am going to be making them again tomorrow or on Friday :)

I am not babysitting tomorrow so hopefully I will get pictures of the snickers and the pizza yummies done. The peanut butter bars are long gone so another batch will have to be made in order for pictures to be taken. Some how I don't see that as a problem. I will also post recipes. Hmm don't believe me? You will just have to wait and see if I prove you wrong ;)

It feels good to be back. Check back tomorrow or Friday for the post mentioned above but in the mean time I hope everyone is enjoying their first days of summer!

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