Thursday, March 31, 2011

Apple Pancakes

This morning I made apple cinnamon pancakes. Do they sound good? Well I thought so the first time I saw the recipe. Then I made a batch and I fell in love. I have never tasted a better gluten free pancake before and they are fairly easy to make. I got the recipe off of a culinary school's website. I was amazed at how nicely they cooked up. I made them at 8 this morning and my house still smells delicious. This recipe is definitely a keeper. And I didn't even have to adapt it. They just worked! A picture and a recipe will be posted soon.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I suppose I need to start somewhere....

When my life is not so occupied with school I will start posting recipes but for now I will just post information once and awhile. And really I might just ramble. Feel free to ignore the rambling :)

For my first post I will tell a little bit about me :
I am a teenager living in the Northwest. Sometimes the rain gets to me. But for the most part I enjoy the wetness and the green. I am in a program called Running Start. This is where I can go to the community college and get credit for high school at the same time. Oh and the state pays for the tuition so it is a really good opportunity for me. I started this last fall. Today was the second day of my third quarter in the program. I am taking Psychology 101, Spanish 2, and PreCalculus 2. I am trying to find a way to deal with my classes. See each new quarter is a bit of an adjustment. And really I probably shouldn't have started a blog right when I was starting a new quarter. But its ok, life is hectic but its good.