Friday, July 15, 2011

Update on Pumpkin Pie

So I made pumpkin pie. Vegan pumpkin pie. I have to say I was disappointed. It didn't taste as pumpkinish as it should have. I will be remaking that recipe and trying it again. I don't even have any pictures. It was that unpicture worthy. Wanna hear the story of the pumpkin pie? Stop now if you aren't so inclined because guess what. I'm telling it :) So after making the pie and waiting for it to cool it was late at night. We needed whipped cream or ice cream to go on top of the pie so I had sent my loving mother out for either heavy cream or ice cream. She came back with heavy cream, ice cream was too expensive. So the pie was finally cool enough to cut around midnight. That being said.... I don't like to stay up late. What can I say? I am a morning person. Anyways I was excited to try my first homemade pumpkin pie. I took a bite and decided it needed whipped cream. So its past midnight (which I am not very happy about but I needed my whipped cream!) and I am beating a cup of heavy cream to death. Or at least that's what it felt like. I got my whipped cream, added a 1/4 cup of sugar and some vanilla and mixed some more. The pie + whipped cream made it OK to eat. I guess I am just not used to vegan. I think there is still a piece of pie left, waiting for me. Unfortunately there is no more whipped cream. I ate it..... We have tons of raspberry bushes and my mom has been picking tons lately so I decided that my whipped cream + the raspberries would be yummy. It was :) It just means I need to make up more whipped cream if I want it with my pie..... Ehhh the pie can wait for another day or two. See it wasn't mouth watering otherwise it would be gone by now. Ok moving on from pie talk. My best friend has been wanting to make ice cream for about a week now. So we decided she is going to come over and we will make homemade vanilla ice cream and eat it with a freshly made raspberry cobbler made by me. She isn't too big on cooking or baking but that's ok, I love her anyways :D I have more to say but honestly I am getting tired of typing so I will save my thoughts for tomorrow. I hope summer is going well for you :)

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  1. Well that was quite interesting to read! In a good way :D haha